I’m Fenna, and at 14 years old, I’m facing a rare condition called Gorham-Stout disease. It’s a tough one, affecting my lymphatic system and bones, making me more prone to infections. That’s how I ended up at Victoria Hospital, not once, but twice, battling life-threatening bacterial meningitisā€”first at 5 years old and then again at 12.

Two years ago, I had a nine-hour brain surgery in Edmonton, and since then, I’ve been on a journey of follow-up treatments.

My mom, Melissa, can tell you all about it. When you have a rare disease like mine, you end up traveling across Canada for treatment. But the team at the Vic? They’re our rock. They make sure all my appointments are in order, and that follow-ups happen. They’re the ones in our corner, advocating for my care.

You might remember hearing about me in a letter last year. Thanks to your generosity, I got a paint set as a “comfort care item” during my time at Victoria Hospital. It kept me company during those tough days in the hospital, and guess what? It sparked a love for art in me.

Being in the hospital, nothing feels normal. You’re not in your own space. Those comfort items? They’re like a little taste of normal in the middle of all the tough stuff.

When people ask my mom about the impact of donor support on our journey, she gets a little teary-eyed.

“The whole Prince Albert community has rallied behind Fenna and our family,” she says. “Just thinking about it gets me emotional. We’re at the hospital so often, and we see firsthand how every donation matters. Those little things, like paint sets or updated equipment, they make a world of difference.”

So, that’s our story. It’s a story of resilience, of community, and of how your support changes lives. Together, we’re making brighter tomorrows.