About Us

Boreal Healthcare Foundation
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The Boreal Healthcare Foundation is the bedrock of community well-being in Northern Saskatchewan. Formed from the long-standing legacy of the Victoria Hospital Foundation, our mission now spans beyond hospital walls, reaching the most remote communities to deliver healthcare initiatives that transform lives.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To drive transformative change for healthcare across northern Saskatchewan, ensuring accessible, high-quality care for each and every individual in our expansive community.


Boreal Healthcare Foundation aims to be the catalyst for healthcare innovation, enhancement, and community well-being, trusted by our community to nurture a future where quality healthcare is within reach for all.


At the Boreal Healthcare Foundation, we operate under three guiding principles that not only steer our actions but also shape the future we envision. Integrity is our cornerstone, anchoring us in honesty and transparency to foster community trust. Collaboration forms our core, affirming that transformative change is a collective journey, made possible through unified efforts and shared insights. Lastly, Inclusion isn’t just a value; it’s a commitment. We honour northern Saskatchewan’s diverse tapestry by customizing our initiatives to meet the unique needs of every community we serve.


Our People

Meet the dedicated individuals steering the Boreal Healthcare Foundation’s mission toward reality. Our staff and Board of Directors come from diverse backgrounds but share a unified passion for transformative healthcare. Together, we’re making strides in the journey toward a healthier, more accessible northern Saskatchewan.

“Every donation is more than a contribution; it’s the spark that ignites lasting change. Join us in revolutionizing healthcare in Northern Saskatchewan.”